Tuesday, January 26, 2016

35 Things To Smile About Today

1. I am breathing, my heart is thump-thumping, I am alive.

2. I have a husband who adores me not despite of, but because of, all of my flaws. 
He calls them “quirks” & he loves them, too.

3. Said husband took the whole day off work today so that I could indulge in 
many of the little-big things that bring me joy, such as:

4. “Sleeping in” until 8am.


6. Extra long Dakota hugs, all morning.

7. A gray day.
(Yes, I enjoy gray days - they allow me to be all introverty,
without feeling guilty for "missing out on the sunshine.")

8. Love notes & phone calls from family & friends. (I love you all, too.)

9. A voicemail from ma tante Sue & MY GRAMMA, 
who is recovering in hospital post-fainting. (Thank you, thank you, thank you.)

10. This text message:

11. A morning acupuncture treatment, to lift, soothe & harmonize.

12. Country music on the radio.

13. Browsing a bookstore WITHOUT A STROLLER. 

14. Books: the smell of them & the feel of them 
& the knowledge that no matter how many of them I read, 
I will never be able, in this lifetime, to read all of them.

15. This birthday cake in a cup:

16. Getting the above-pictured latte extraordinaire
for free. (Thank you, Starbucks beauties.)

17. A new book to inspire my craft: 
On Writing by Stephen King.

18. A new book to encourage a less cluttered way of life: 
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

19. A new book to entertain 
(& fulfill my rule of always-always-ALWAYS-read- the-book-before-the-movie): 
The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

Getting three new books for $15. (Thank you, Christmas Gift Cards.)

20. This box of made-with-love artisan chocolates:

21. My mom, my dad, my Adam & my Sean.

22. Dinner at one of my favourite local restaurants (Marcelo’s)
with two very hot dates (pictured at #5).

23. This bit of cyberlove:

24. & this bit of cyberlove:

25. & this bit of cyberlove, too:

So much cyberlove!
(Thank you, friends. 
I read each post with an open heart & sent a cyberhug your way.)

26. Burt's Bees Vanilla gloss on my lips.

27. A burning beeswax candle in my kitchen.

28. Time, right now, to sit & reflect on 35 things to smile about today.

29. Our little lions, Mia & Phoebe, purring protectors of this home.

30. This organic wine:

31. A long, hot, uninterrupted shower.

32. A piece of hazelnut chocolate cake with candles on it 
(& a wish made, of course).

33. Kitchen dancing with my blue-eyed boy:

34. This child:
(She continues to grow & learn & lean into the tough stuff & forgive & trust 
& fuck up & fall & rise again & grow some more 
& she still has that pink bunny because pink bunnies are forever.)

35. A warm bed, a fluffy pillow,
& a midnight conversation with the Moon
about how grateful I am for all-of-it, all-of-it, all-of-it.

{Happy b'earth'day to me.
There is no place I'd rather be
than right here,
right now,
with you.}


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