Friday, March 20, 2015

Answering the Call to Newness: Words Inspired by the New Moon/Supermoon, Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox of March 20th, 2015

(Originally published, with a slightly different title, on elephant journal on March 20, 2015)

Image: tumblr

Today is a day for slowing down, way, way down. For taking deep breaths and deeper breaths still. For going outside and looking up at the sky. (Hello, sky.)

Today is a day for feeling your skin and how it wakes up when caressed by wind. For feeling your heart and how it wakes up when acknowledged, and accepted. (Hello, heart. I love you, all of you, always.)

Today is a day for repeating the words I am alive, I am alive, I am alive 108 times.

Today is a day for reflection and ever-so-gentle redirection. For asking the question, “How am I doing, really?” and being brave enough to answer honestly, even if the answer hurts, even if the answer is, “I have no idea, really.”

Today is a day for feeling connected to all that ever was, is, will be. 

The Universe lovingly cradles you in the nook of her left arm, while painting a new supermoon with her right hand, exhaling a solar eclipse, and dancing away the dark. 

You are a celestial event in human form. (Can you feel it? Today is a day for feeling it.) 

Today is a day for giving yourself a hug (because, friend, you deserve a hug), for giving yourself a high five (because, friend, you deserve a high five), for looking in a mirror and greeting your glowing eyes. (Hello, eyes. Oh, how you glow.)

Today is a day for trusting in the process of transition and transformation, for answering the call to newness with a resounding "yes."

Today is a day for rising from your six-month slumber, stretching your aching knees, and standing in your power, your truth, your renewed sense of purpose.

Today is a day for shedding your dry, dull, winter armour and revealing your shimmer. (Shimmer, friend, shimmer.)

Spring is here, and so are you.

Hello, light.